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Quarx, just a little help !

Hello everyone,

In this post, I'll try to note all little things I discover when I playing with Quarx.
Unfortunatly, documentation is, at my humble opinion, little poor.
So, I collect my tips here, hope that will helps someone.

Pixabay, configure your api key

To do that, go to this pixabay url and you will scroll down a little. Stop !


Near Parameters paragrah, you have your sesame : 'key'.
Copy and paste into your .env file at the root of your project like following :


Save and this is done, you can now use pixabay picture !


Probably, it doesn't works in local environment.

Add a logout item to the navbar

Out the box, Quarx does not provide a logout link, or I don't see it. perharps ;-)
If you want add this link, follow me :

In your favorite editor, open


Below "settings" link, add this line :

<li><a href="{!! url('logout') !!}"><span class="fa fa-fw fa-sign-out"></span> Logout</a></li>

Of course, you can choose icon you want or nothing to materialize logout link !
This use the logout route defined in routes/web.php.